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Kamis, 31 Desember 2015

Nissan Grand Livina, Mobil Sporty Dambaan Keluarga

Sebagai salah satu penggemar mobil Indonesia, saya berniat untuk memiliki mobil pribadi All New Grand Livina, sebagai mobil dambaan keluarga kelak. Hal ini karena menurut saya Nissan Mobil Terbaik yang pernah saya naiki. Pengalaman itu terjadi ketika saya akan pergi ke suatu acara di daerah Balikpapan. Dengan model yang sporty mobil ini bisa melaju dengan cepat dan gesit. Jarak tempuh yang biasanya perlu waktu 30 menit bisa dijangkau hanya dalam 10 menit saja. Tentunya ha ini juga didukung oleh kenyamanan desain interiornya yang membuat penumpang merasa nyaman dan aman walau berjalan dengan kecepatan tinggi. Ditunjang lagi interior yang luas sehingga lebih leluasa untuk duduk dan membawa beberapa barang, terutama desain bagasi yang cukup besar jadi cocok untuk mobil keluarga dengan gaya yang sporty. Nissan Mobil Pilihan Keluarga Indonesia adalah gelar yang sesuai untuk disematkan dalam Nissan tipe All New Grand Livina. Dengan model yang sporty itu, tak ragu lagi terutama bagi pasangan keluarga baru yang masih muda untuk mencoba sensasi luar biasanya All New Grand Livina. Setiap gerakan dan belokan di tikungan jalan selalu membuat posisi merasa nyaman dan tidak takut terpental atau jatuh. Jadi, sudah sangat pantas bagi setiap pecinta produk mobil Indonesia untuk memilih Nissan ini sebagai mobil pilihan keluarga. Meskipun di Indonesia banyak sekali produksi mobil dari berbagai jenis merek, hanya Nissan lah yang menjadi mobil yang sesuai untuk digunakan dalam berbagai elemen baik dari anak muda sampai dewasa. Didukung dengan mesin yang bandel dan hemat bahan bakar tentunya menjadikan nilai tambah tersendiri bagi pecinta mobil di Indonesia. Suatu saat saya yakin Nissan akan meraih prediksi “Nissan Mobil Terbaik” dengan segala inovasi dan kecanggihan teknologi yang di milikinya. Harga yang bersaing dan pencarian atribut yang mudah di Indonesia akan mampu membuat Nissan memikat hati para keluarga di Indonesia untuk segera beralih memakai mobil produk buatan Nissan, terutama All New Grand Livina yang pasti akan meraih gelar “Nissan Mobil Pilihan Keluarga Indonesia” yang nantinya akan mendominasi pasar mobil di seluruh wilayah di Indonesia. Nissan akan menjadi pelopor mobil keluarga tampilan sporty terbaik yang akan segera booming dalam beberapa tahun ke depan mengalahkan beberapa pesaingnya. Dengan sistem dan kualitas yang lebih baik tentunya akan menjadikan produk Nissan sebagai Mobil Terbaik dengan permintaan pasar paling tinggi dibandingkan dengan mobil lain di Indonesia.

Rabu, 09 November 2011

I can do it

yeah this is a bored time. I just only sat down in front of my laptop. I can do anything with my thesis. there is unlock idea to continue to the next step of my thesis. hmm...hopefully I can finish my thesis at least one week. this is the great idea that I can do it better than all of my friend. this is the solution for my problem with my hunny. I have to reach one mission about my prospecting life. it is come from my own goal that I can do all of my duties well.

Kamis, 16 Desember 2010

The first climbing of Patian Gabare

TIFOSS2 is the one programme of my organization. It means that this is a one programme to upgrade a knowledge capability of the participant. This placed at Witoro village which distance is about 40 Km from UGM. We consist of six person who will survey that place. First we have to know anymore to the leaders of that partial village. This was very stranger that the leaders have a bad habit or cant explain a good greeting with us. Looking arround to some house there made a sensitive feeling. Look like as a little payment, they cant give a nice solution for helping this negosiation to stay with some inhabitant there. There is no solution and it would be offered to stay along from villagers.
Fortunatelly, we have another chance. When my friends talked to the chief of this programme, she said that this planned can be changed into cheaper place. Yup! In this place, there are great gabare which can inform about the navigation of some ship seeing south coast of Java island and this gabare can help some sea vouage arround that place. I think that this building can be used to look arround the some place with the high of this place approximately 40 metre also have 88 a little stairs. When we stand by on the top of this gabare, it is like when we are in the low sky. We will feel free to get a nice oxygen from this place. This condition remaind me when I took a nice trip with Verry to bali. It is really cool and made our body gave on the creeps.
When we finished on gabare, I and Dadan went to silent street. Arround tthis street, we can see a beautiful leaf with reguler tree. With the nice colour. This aims is to know where is Kuwaru coat lies? I ever hear that beach but I cant reach that place with Dadan . On the middle way we miss an information this street. The ending of this street is very bad and nobody or motors walking a long this street. It is very silent and we made a decision to go to campus.

Time To meet Mother

This time I have a decision not to follow lecture from morning till afternoon. It has a nice reason that I have to go to home. As long as possible, it is the opportunity to go to Kendal because after more of two weeks I didnt go to kendal. My friends from KKN group also invited me to join on their agenda, meet village chief on Plantaran and actually I can come by at home from noon before Jumat praying. After I did umat praying, I sent sms to my girlfriend about my package from Jogja to her boarding house. It is so long to wait an information about these packages. I really wanna to know anymore about the outcome of my mission, that is if she wear an instrument in these packages. But I cant hear that package still not attempt yet to her hand. I’m sad because it is very hurtfull. It is the reason that she didnt hear what I feel a long one week, it is very tortue my heart and my feeling but she was sick everyday and cant go to the office of that package whereas she can go to school or campus, the conclusion is she still run and do some activity but she dont spend a little time to take these package. I was angry and this is problem to me. I can deny that she is sick but please know anymore about my feeling. I feel crazy when September ends. More than 1 week I cant think correctly before she use that package. Since this event I try to think a lot that she dont give a little time to know my feeling besides I always say to her that it is very important. Pleas know me anymore. When she said please send me a package I send these package directly without waiting so long. But? How about her?
But finally I defered to her when she said to break our relation, refusing like this make me think a lot about her. That statement is not very consistent from her promise several times ago. In serious condition, it more than 1 time that she said like this. How pity my self.

Sleeping so long

I’m crushing up when I was slept and feel so comfortable. Till night I have to go to Toilet to produce a lot of urine. Every hours when I took a breakfast on 1 am I come back again untill 9-10 times for 3 hours. I couldn sleep well and my eyes still looked arround. It brought a consequence that I throw the time for sleep for nothing only open phone and sleep without close the eyses. I was boring. I need a lot of water everyday to recover from my calculus. It took a long time to bring back from the origin of my kidney. It was so hurtfull and I didnt want to repeat this condtion again and again. I slept on 4.15 am and got up on 8 am 
Therefore I try to fasting to pay my promise when romadhon came. I’m still need 11 times for the empty fasting. First I try when my illness exceed from 3 weeks. I started fasting 2 times a week. There were Monday and Thursday. You know that actually I have to drank a lot of water maybe 2 or 3 liters for a day but if I took fasting I only drank when I took a breakfast and that was pssible if I couldn drink a lot of water for one day. Finally I decided in the evening till night I have to drink and drink again till I get a maximal volume of the water.
You have to know and please note that everybody at least need a water 1 – 2liters for a day. If you are still drink undeer that statement maybe for the next day or if you were old for the more years then you will get a calculuc or a various diseases. Think carefully to drink a spesific water and dont drink a waer from your own home. It has to be filtered and wait the ammount of that filtered water.

Meet and great

When I was Child, I really wanna to be actor on television. I like Television under 4 years old. Television inspire me that I had to act over then my friends arround me. It was a strategy to accelerate my improvement on all sectors. The first sector I would like to built a good relation with other. Somebody who know me actually will give me a good smile and good attitude when they met me on everywhere and everytime. It is according to their background, maybe. Everyone have a different manner to extend what they want to other. I have a motto “ keep your smile wherever and whenever you are”. That is a simple ways how to attract some people arround me easily. M. Sulchan Ph,d. Cand ever told to me that give someone by your smile and they will put your face on your heart. So when I meet someone I dont forget to spread my smile and from this my friend from Junior high school always called me “ Hiii..Judiii keep your smile pleasee..I really like your style, guys..”. she also added that I have to maintain my style untill I passed away. That sound so nice.
Till now I’m still defend my good smile. Almost everybody who meet me feel that I’m really nice, but you must now that sometime I can be moody person. If I got a bed condition I can maintain my style. My friends can identify if I got a problem. She said that my face is nice or save a mystery. Even said that I’m very serious people so everybody have no brief to talk a lot with me or start conversation but if they know me anymore they said that I’m very nice people. and you have to know that I dont like everybody if I told to them but they didnt hear what I said.
Now I have a lot of friend and have a good characters. I really wanna that I can make a continuous relation for all along. It is really the nice realtion as a human. But some of my friends are not perfect. It is a good statement. Nobody is perfect but there are nobody have a kind behavior. I look forward for somebody who have a naughty character but when I got they or I actually disjoint for the one community and I come back to nice condition with all of my kinda friend 

The first climbing of Patian Gabare

This is very long time I wait for something that I dont know what’s the aim of this problem. I cant predict the next my vision if this condition take a place on my mind for more time, everyday!

So, I wait more time and more. That is no result. I’m very dizzy. But I submit this condition to Him. I cant accept the unfactual condition. It is really miraculous. I pray and pray everyday to solve this problem. Only a remarkable story can deny that its wrong opinion. It is next to the fact that it is a big problem actually for my bright future but I think that nothing is imposible. He has atribut that “ Fi’lu kulli mumkinin aw tarkuhu” this mean that He can make the situation what He want although out of my mind. Nobody can believe that camel can enter to the hole of needle.

I decided that I would to searched so many information about my problem. Then at that afternoon I met someone who told to me that everything is gonna be Ok, so dont be sad, make your life happy and trust on your mind that you are good boy and full of inspiration for the other people”. that sound so nice. That situation made my spirit was coming back. It was really amazing. It is like a dream and I’m very happy that God listen my praying everyday.

Now I can open my mind. It is very fresh and nobody dont believe that more than 7 days I cant think clearly. But now I will born out that I’m a good boy 